Sirius flickers. Like the star he’s named after, like the blink of an eye. Like fire. He’s bright, he’s intimidating, he’s colorful, he commands a room and demands attention and has that essence of chaos. Like something that can’t be controlled, like fire, absolutely like fire. But when you think about it, fire can be contained. Fire can be tamed, if it wants to be. Fire can be used for warmth, as a comfort, engulfing those around it in light and making them even brighter. Fire can be beautiful, can’t it? Destructive, spontaneous, spreading in a second flat but nevertheless a sight for sore eyes, for those seeking to lift their spirits, to sit and talk for a while. There’s always something behind it, though, something slightly menacing and mysterious. Like if you don’t keep it under constant control, it’ll burn you badly enough to leave a lasting scar.

Air is interesting. James is interesting, too, or so he likes to think as he runs a hand through his windblown hair. But he’s really more complex than that, like air. Air is natural and it’s everywhere, unignorable and constant. Take in too much air and you bloat, take in too little air and you suffocate, but take in just enough air? Just enough air is what keeps us alive, what drives us, what keeps us together, what binds us. We all need it, though we don’t notice it until we lack it. Air is an invisible leader, a force so light but yet so powerful. Air could bring you back to life, but it could also tear your house down in one strong gust.

Now, water. Water is calm, isn’t it? Like the ocean, like tides controlled by moons. Remus likes to think of himself as an ocean, sometimes, controlled by the same force. It makes it more romantic that way, don’t you think? To be water. To be the source that people drink from when they’re parched, to be something that runs through friends’ bodies, to be that calm and cool. And people do think of water, like that, until they remember that water means tidal waves. Water means tsunamis, drowning, fears and phobias. The unknown lurking beneath the façade of something that seems so soothing, so therapeutic. Because water could kill you, if you approach it the wrong way. On the wrong day, at the wrong time, when the moon is just a bit too bright and the tide comes in too high and too fast and too much. But most of the time, it’s calm. Most of the time.

Earth is overlooked. Thrown in without a second thought. Grass, weeds, flowers. Trees are alright, aren’t they? Trees can be cool. But really think of earth. Think about it. What are you on right now? A hard surface, a floor, tile, brick, dirt? Underneath that is earth. You’re always on it, aren’t you? You just don’t think about it that way. You think of dirt and weeds, of grass. Powerless things, harmless things, childhood memories of picnics and swinging from branches, of laughing with your friends under oak trees, of rolling down hills. Innocent thing, isn’t it, the earth? Never think about how greatly it affects us all, how essential it is to everybody, to every living thing. 

Interesting to think about these four elements all together. How air could either spread a fire even higher, even brighter or how it can stamp it out with one blow, bring it back down to earth, to water. How earth and water interact, growing magnificent plants that mix with the air, creating oxygen. Camp grounds and sandy beaches, mountain peaks and valleys, lush and pure when in tandem.

It’s all rather pretty, from the outside in. But take a deeper look. See water, how it uses itself up to help the earth grow, to overtake. See fire blazing, dancing over water, doing its best to just get a damn rise out of it while water, unknowingly tames it before the fire has a chance to let out another burst of smoke. The way it feels to be on top of a mountain when the air is too thin, or a canyon where the heat is blistering from lack of water, of vines twisting and turning their way over decrepit buildings, of forest fires.

Funny thing, forest fires. They just tend to pop up without a care, without a warning, and everybody immediately blames the fire. The intimidating, engulfing fire as it leaps from tree to tree, destroying everything in its wake.

It’s easy to blame the fire when there’s no air or water. When there’s just fire and earth. When sirens blare and smoke fills the sky, shrouding it in black, as if in mourning, while the earth burns down to ash. 

Think about earth, again. Back to what’s underneath you. Back to those innocent memories, to that campfire. What’s the first thing you learn, in the wilderness as a child? Rubbing two sticks together creates fire, itself.

Fire goes down in its own flame. Earth crumbles, but then regrows. Water rushes to the scene a second too late. Air is diminished, if only for a minute, that gulp that you’re yearning for but just can’t get, what you need so badly now that you don’t have it. 

And after that, there’s no turning back.


sweats nervously


Black Widow 007





A+X #8 - “Hawkeye + Deadpool”

written by Christopher Hastings
art by Reilly Brown

and of murder.”  

"there’s gonna be drinks, decorations…"

eight yr old anna

yo that was…. 3rd grade man


also i was VERY invested in harry potter my mom used to read it to me and my brother every night before we went to sleep only my mom called hermione ‘hurr-mee-own’ and i legit thought thats how it was pronounced for a shocking amount of time

8 year old anna would have had a pajama sam fan blog


Can someone put Simon in a blanket fort please thank you.


Who can resist a dancing owl? We can’t. Today’s WeChat Emoticon Sticker Challenge winner has some serious dance moves! 


Who can resist a dancing owl? We can’t. 

Today’s WeChat Emoticon Sticker Challenge winner has some serious dance moves! 



my blog title would have been an mcr lyric tbh. i would have blogged about……. naruto and death note….. i was a piece of shit in highschool oh my god you guys arent picking good years. this was the year i found out anime existed and was a thing people liked. insane

OH MAN I WAS ALSO rlly obsessed with the band All Time Low. i thought alex gasgarth was like the hottest thing on 2 legs, that trash scene bro disgust